Southern-California rockers Pushing Veronica encourage the sort of uninhibited irreverence that’s worthy of chanting along in unison. The band—Julien Silvås [lead vocals, guitar] Oliver Litner [guitar], Noah Rozansky [bass], and Riley Wilkinson [drums]—is determined to bring about a alt-rock / pop punk renaissance.

At 19 and 20 years old, Pushing Veronica has toured the United States 4 times, been lauded by Alternative Press for their “infectious and high-spirited…Green Day-like stylings,” garnered hundreds of thousands of YouTube views from collaborations with legendary directors like Dean Karr [Marilyn Manson, Deftones], and a new music video coming from the amazing Brian Cox [Bring Me The Horizon and Good Charlotte].

They have had the opportunity to work with iconic Grammy-Winner and Multi-Platinum selling producer Dave Schiffman [Weezer, System of a Down, PUP, Hozier, Adele, Vampire Weekend, Anti-Flag]. Now, the group is thrilled to collaborate with the trailblazing producer Drew Polovick (Friday Pilots Club, Mothica, Jordy, Oston).

PV crafts catchy and energetic alt rock / pop punk in the vein of artists like Badflower, Green Day, IRONTOM, My Chemical Romance, Airways, Des Rocs, Highly Suspect, and Kenny Hoopla.

So take the ride with Pushing Veronica—you just might have the time of your life!