As what passes for “Rock ‘n’ Roll” gets more uptight, inoffensive, and corporate, we must look to the youth for some guidance and a whole lot of help! Southern California rockers Pushing Veronica encourage the sort of uninhibited irreverence that’s worthy of chanting along to in unison. The quartet — Oli Litner [vocals, guitar] Julien Silvas [vocals, guitar] Noah Rozansky [bass] and Brady Ward [drums] are determined to bring about an Alternative Rock Renaissance. Think a post-millennial, modern alt punk attitude that’s unafraid to take inspiration from memes, the world at large, and pop culture.

As they performed countless gigs around the Los Angeles area and developed a diehard fan base, they opened up for everyone from Unwritten Law and The Ataris to Fuel. A sold-out gig supporting Gemini Syndrome at the Whisky A Go-Go led to a production partnership with drummer and producer Brian Steele Medina, who invited the band to his Las Vegas studio to record and hone their sound.

“He encourages us to be as clever and eccentric as possible" says Noah. "He’s raised the bar on everything we create.” Julien adds, “When others have tried to dial us back or water us down, Brian encourages us to turn our personalities and authenticity up to 11!”

Introducing this next phase, the boys landed a spot on AltPress with the new single “Dead Girl.” Accompanied by a macabre and hilarious video shot by the legendary Dean Karr [Marilyn Manson, Deftones], the tune soundtracks a graveyard tryst with crunchy guitars and tongue-in- cheek lyrics — likening high school hookup culture to necrophilia.

Then came the psychedelic punk anthem, “Bullshit,” where a house party gets trippy for a crasher, who tries to steal ADHD meds, but accidentally takes LSD and ends up getting exactly what he deserves.

In the Fall/Winter of 2019, Pushing Veronica then embarked on a national tour with Like a Storm. Along the way they had the honor to perform with other great bands like Stitched up Heart, the 68 and Crobot. PV recorded the whole adventure for their 2020 “Reason to Cry” music video.

As Pushing Veronica prepared to travel to Europe in May 2020 for an international tour, the pandemic hit and we all know what happened next. The summer saw PV virtually recruiting the help of their fans to collaborate on their “Angsty Teen Song 2020,” music video using platforms like Twitch and Discord to make this music video an interactive event.

Pushing Veronica then turned their attention to making a video for their next single, “Cancel Cult,” a theatrical and sarcastic ode to cancel culture. Collaborating with Shane O'Neill [Five Finger Death Punch, Coolio] at SON Studios in Las Vegas, PV channeled the ideas of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” into a visual art piece that grappled with the ideas of groupthink and censorship.

Next, the band wrote their latest single “Carry the Flame.” Oli explains, “This song tells the story of a father and son who see life from two very different perspectives. The father wants his son to carry on his legacy by taking advantage of others and making his fortune, while the son wants to stand up for what he believes is right, even if it means toppling the system.” They turned to director Paul Boyd [Neon Trees, Dead Mau5, Lenny Kravitz] to film a new music video that will be released via OneRPM in spring of 2021.

So, take the ride with Pushing Veronica — you just might have the time of your life.

“This is all about being your authentic self,” explains Julien. “Pushing Veronica is where we can truly be ourselves, We accept each other. And we’re family. We want to welcome you into our family… and our revolution!”

The revolution starts with them.